Bad Day by Devon Cooper

More Than a Romantic Comedy:

Though the story is romantic and there is comedy (poor Angela! ha ha!) there is more than that going on in Devon Cooper’s Bad Day. The story follows several characters on what should be a routine day including Angela, a consultant who is up for a promotion but overslept; Frank, a hunky construction worker who’s terrified of elevators and working on the 60th floor; Sam, his boss who forgets his cell phone; Jo, Sam’s wife; and even the bomb squad whose day isn’t much better – they’re one robot short. Of course, they should be okay…

Should be. But luck isn’t on any of their side, and someone calls in a bomb threat. As they hurry to the building, fate conspires to trap Angela and Frank in the elevator while the buildings fire alarms scream. Suspended between floors, they have no cell signal and only each other. And with no elevators and no phone, Sam is forced to climb down all sixty flights of stairs, if his bad knee will let him.

The story is told through a series of flashbacks and vignettes, with each character alternating chapters and I was happy with the conclusion – everyone ended up right where they needed to be. A fun, character driven read with comedy, romance and tension!

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