Always by DM Yate

Always tells the story of two souls who have been intertwined for many lifetimes and are now incarnated as Simon, a lone wolf who refuses to get close to anyone and April, the teenage niece of Simon’s best friend. When April sets her sights on Simon, he rejects her for many reasons: her age, her immaturity and the vehemence with which his best friend, April’s uncle, forbids their relationship. But, if love can transcend time and dimensions, it can also overcome such obstacles.

The story of their current incarnation is woven together with their previous one, as well as the time they spend in between “lives” in the great beyond. By seeing the full picture, you get to understand not only Simon, but the other characters as well, and see how their various relationships play out. Not to mention the sweet love story between Simon and April – who doesn’t stay a child for long!

I’ve heard that the author is planning more books to follow this and I am looking forward to them!

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