The Medallion Chronicles: Small Beginnings by C.A. Jarest

This was a Kindle freebie. I haven’t read the accompanying series, but after reading this short I am going to add them to my TBR list.

The intro explains that this short story covers the events of book one, from the point of view of a dragon eggling whose mother has come to “speak” with it. The baby dragon and her mother share visions that they have seen of the baby’s future which, I assume, is the plot of the first book, meaning that this story should go first in the series – technically.

The style is fluid and the prose are descriptive. One of my favorite lines is on the very first page, in fact: “The shadows enjoyed their time waltzing together in the orange glow of the lava, a mating that had long been practiced.” They give the sense that the story is part of an epic fantasy series, with plenty of magic, dragon riders, gods, war and all the other things I like to see in my fantasy books. I will definitely be checking out the series.

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