Mind Link by Barbara G. Tarn

The second in the Star Mind’s series, this story picks up where the other left off. though it is shorter than the first book, it’s just as good and left me wanting more at the end.

The same cast of characters is back, though Kol-ian takes center stage this time. He and his brother-in-law Ker-ris have a lot to come to terms with from the previous events, such as the deaths of their families, and Ker-ris’ missing years while he was under mind control. As they start to deal with their pasts, they grow closer and to everyone’s surprise fall in love. By accident, Ker-ris is able to mind link with Kol-ian – a rare gift and a gateway to a special kind of relationship. But, when Kol-ian is taken prisoner, it’s a gift that could kill them both.

Eagerly looking forward to the next installment, though I sadly think it’s the last one. Barbara’s flare for creating interesting, multi-faceted characters continues to shine in this series.

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