A Man Walks into a Bar by Rob Loughran

Joke books are hard to review because what are they if not a collection of jokes? This book is broken up into categories and has enough jokes to keep any party/get together/random family picnic busy for hours. While going through it, I had to keep stopping to read some out loud to the various people I was with. Some of them appreciated it, some of them didn’t. Like everything, humor is subjective and for every joke that made me go “eh?” there was one that made me laugh out loud. Something for everyone, except maybe small children. Warning: many jokes in this book are adult in nature. When I say not small children, I mean it.

Buy on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Bar-A-Compendium-Uncouth-Lascivious-ebook/dp/B005DTO6W6

5 Red balloons: redbaloonredbaloonredbaloonredbaloonredbaloonsig


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