Starblade (Neo-Human) by Rodney C. Johnson

A sci-fi reminiscent of the golden era when men were men and women wore mini skirts so you wouldn’t notice the gun they held behind their back. Written in a style that flows from the technological to the bedroom, Starblade tells the story of Frederika, a Morningstar (an artificially constructed human) whose brains, sultry beauty and lethal skills make her the perfect choice to infiltrate the island of the Falcanians – a self made species of genetically enhanced humans whose power, strength and resources could tip the scales in a post apocalyptic war for control of the world. And getting inside is easy. Shar-Khan, the Falcaninan leader, is taken with her. But can she keep her mission a secret? What will happen if she is discovered? And what is the dark presence that seems to be swirling, almost undetected, among them?

Starblade, the first of a trilogy, sets the stage for the next books to come, and I for one am looking forward to them!

5 red balloons: redbaloonredbaloonredbaloonredbaloonredbaloonsig


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