How Green was my Gimlet by Patricia McLaine

How Green was My Gimlet is a three act play that centers on a psychiatrist who winds up treating a married couple – The Pillows -in weekly back to back appointments. The catch? Neither wants their partner to know they’re seeing a shrink. Nutty at opposite ends of the spectrum the two can agree on one other thing: their choice of drink is a vodka gimlet.

But that just makes things worse.

Gerogie likes hers with green cherry juice but David can’t stand them that way. Is this the root of all their problems? And will poor Dr. Hildrone be an alcoholic before he’s able to solve their issues? Even better does he want to fix them? With all the suicides, business has been “falling off” lately. How much can he take of the zanny couple before the eager to please doctor drops off the deep end himself?

Fun and witty this had me laughing out loud more than once. Great just as something to read but I can only imagine it would be even more fun for a small theater group to perform.

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