The Road to Insanity by M.A. Bishop

The Road to Insanity tells the story of Clay, an employee at a boys’ home, and what happens when he and some of the staff take the boys camping. When they run into a coven of witches, their lives are forever altered – and not for the better. People begin to die and Clay soon finds that he is losing his grasp on reality. Or is he? With a surprise ending, there is an intriguing story in these pages. Which is why I am giving it three stars.

Of note: This book contains some gruesome scenes that some readers may find disturbing (rape, murder, apparent occult sacrifice etc.), as well as many references to witchcraft and Wicca. Neither bothered me, but if you’re the kind who gets upset by this, then you’ve been warned.

I don’t normally take off stars for mechanical issues in a book such as grammar, spelling, etc. but I had to on this one because the author switches POV randomly. One sentence will read “Clay said…” while the next will say “I said…” and there were more than a couple of places where this got confusing. I really suggest Mr. Bishop go through and choose either first person or third person and fix all of them to read the same.

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