Loving the Goddess of Love by Stephannie Beman

Another excellent book from Stephannie Beman. Loving the Goddess of Love follows Aphrodite and what happens when Zeus orders her to marry his son Hephaestus,the smith of the gods. A short, stocky god whose scarred body and limping walk makes most Gods turn away, Hephaestus doesn’t understand why he has been given the “Goddess of Love” for his wife – and he doesn’t trust anything about the arrangement; not even Aphrodite herself. Especially when he can tell that she’s holding something back. Little does he know that the information she withholds isn’t by her choosing – she is forbidden by dark magic.

Though you don’t *need* to read My Lord Hades first in order to understand the events of this book, I do think it helps as Persephone and Hades make minor appearances. There is also a short story, Love is Blind, whose events intertwine with this book, though again it’s not necessary for the reader to have read it, it just enriches the experience.

I won’t lie, I love Ms. Beman’s stories because she’s finally out the sex and the romance back into the mythologies and, though she has made changes to things such as family lineage, I find her changes enhance the stories rather than taking away from them.


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2 thoughts on “Loving the Goddess of Love by Stephannie Beman

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