Three Hoodie’s Save the World by Roger Lawrence

A fun book by a fun author!

When David’s mother buys him a star for his birthday, aliens start to show up – or at least one alien, who insists that David must accompany him to another planet to stop a computer virus from destroying it.

Say what?

At least that’s David’s reaction.He and his two nest mates, Derrick and Sad-case (whose true name is so hideous he refuses to answer to it – or so *he* says) embark on an exciting adventure that has more twists and turns than a wormhole labyrinth. Written with a large dose of humor, the interactions between the three boys are spot on. and the aliens and their world were imaginative but not so far out there as to be confusing. Being a book by a UK author, there is some slang, but there was nothing that i was unfamiliar with or that even a novice of brit books wouldn’t be able to figure out. There is also a decent dose of science in this sci-fi adventure, but it is also well explained.

All together a fun and imaginative read and I am looking forward to the next one!

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