Escape from Harizzel by CG Copolla

First I have to say this was an awesome book! We all bandy about books we can’t put down, but this was really one of those in those in the most literal sense, in fact I made my family mad (they got over it) and sloughed off work to finish it because I had to KNOW what happened next.

Fallon wakes up in a small house, disorientated, and in the company of a man she doesn’t know. It’s not only her companion that’s unfamiliar; she doesn’t recognize anything, including herself. With the promise that her memories will return soon, she is whisked away to Harrizel, a planet run by an alien species who are “rescuing” the humans from a war ravaged earth.

But Fallon doesn’t even remember the war.

Despite her desire to escape to the lush jungle surrounding the compound she’s forced to call home, Fallon soon falls in with a group of fellow refugees, including the child Pratt, her new bestie Abel, and the tasty Reid, and discovers a dark, sinister secret under the facade of friendly help that the aliens are offering.

Can Fallon and her new found friends stop the disappearances, or will they be the next victims?

As I said, I loved this book! Like a good anime, the beginning leaves you scratching your head, and then slowly the puzzle pieces fall into place and leave you shouting “Aha!” The romance is well done – I had several “squee” moments – and I didn’t see several of the plot twists coming, which is a nice change. I’m looking forward to the second book!

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