Synthetic, Electirc Romance by Rodney C. Johnson

Jack the Ripper meets robots. Or more accurately synthetic life.

Sarina is a Morningstar, a kind of synthetic life form, who’s in love with what is essentially a mobile tank unit. But Cylus is more than an old weapon. When he was struck by lightning he developed a consciousness and has been ruled a valid life form by those in power on Gear. He and Sarina lead a peaceful life until fembots start disappearing. Whether by fate or accident (Morningstars don’t believe in accidents), Sarina observes some suspicious characters in a dark part of the city. Could they be responsible.

This was a fun, twisty turny novella that kept me guessing. Though it is part of the Neo Human universe, I think you could read this without having read the other books, as there is a list of characters and important “concepts” in the back. But, for fans of the series, there is a surprise cameo by a quickly recognizable character.

5 red balloons: redbaloonredbaloonredbaloonredbaloonredbaloonsig

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