Charmeine by Emily Guido

I’ve had this book for awhile and finally decided that was it, I was reading it – and I’m glad I did.

Tabbruis and Charmeine begin the book as angels, but something is going on in heaven. Something big. They part, both worried, and when Tabbrius wakes on earth he has no memory of who he is except a name. He quickly discovers that he’s become a Blood Hunter – similar to a vampire, but without the sunlight problem. As he fits into this new world, he learns about Light Bearers – Blood Hunter’s opposites and sworn enemies.

Lonely years pass, until the day Tabbrius sees the vision of a beautiful woman’s face. Who is she? Why does he feel a nagging pull to go to New York? Will she be there? Little does he know the woman he’s seeking – and will fall in love with – is a Light Bearer.

Charleen was found as a teenager, roaming the streets with no memory. Now an adult, she still has no idea who she is, until Tabbrius arrives and unlocks the secret. But, Blood Hunters are sworn to destroy Light Bearers. Can they overcome this? And what about the Blood Hunters who are hunting her?

This is a very romantic love story, and a quick read. I was often surprised to look down and see the %. There’s some action scenes, but even though there are vampire like creatures, there’s not a lot of gore, so the squeamish should be safe.

I’m looking forward to seeing where their journey takes them next.

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