Plague of Mybyncia by CG Copolla

Fallon, Reid, and the gang are back – yay!

This book picks up where escape from Harrizel left off. Fallon, Reid, Clarence, Sampson, and the others are on their way to the ocean planet of Mybyncia, originally to see the last political leader who is on their side in the war – except the planet has been attacked and he has been evacuated. So now it’s up to them to help make repairs.

But it’s never that easy. Mybyncia is an ocean planet, whose inhabitants live underwater, and not all of them are friendly to the strangers. A rebel faction will stop at nothing to get the strangers off their planet – alive or dead, and preferably the second. When they kidnap one of them, whose side with the Queen take?

I loved the first book, but I have to say this one was even better – the prose were tighter and the action was non stop. Reid and Fallon’s budding romance has tension in all the right places, and enough squee moments to leave me giggling. The book is well paced, and just when I found myself thinking “What about x” boom! There it was. I can’t wait for the third one!

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