The Seance – Tricia Drammeh

Abby is a freshman in high school with a fascination for the paranormal, but when she and her two best friends, Martha and Yasin, hold a seance, things get out of control. The terrifying message on the ouija board is bad enough, but suddenly Martha won’t talk to her, and though Yasin doesn’t abandon her, he doesn’t buy her paranormal mumbo jumbo, even though Abby knows there’s something in her house.

Things go from bad to worse, and Abby has no one she can turn to. Her pregnant mother is wrapped in her career, her father is too buys with his won job, and with none of her friends listening she’s truly alone. Except Abby is never alone. Something is always with her, and it soon graduates from petty theft to destruction of property, leaving her skeptical parents with only her to blame. In desperation, Abby turns to an over-the-phone psychic, but when she turns out to be a charlatan, Abby realizes she really is trapped. Can no one help her?

Though I haven’t been a YA myself for awhile, I still enjoy a good YA book – and this is it. I literally could not put it down, to the point where I irritated my family. Every stopping point was an introduction to another interesting part, and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next as Abby tried to battle the demon slowly destroying her life. Tricia Drammeh has a gift for writing a gripping story, and especially for writing teenagers – or at least teenagers the way I remember being. They don’t feel stilted or too adult, as some books do, nor do they feel *too* childish. There was never a moment that took me out of the story or left me thinking “they wouldn’t do that.” That’s a hard thing to find.

Aside from being a great read, The Seance also creepy in all the right places, It’s not a book to read alone in a dark house, or right before bed, you may find yourself wondering just what that strange sound in the other room is. If you’re looking for a YA with thrills, chills, and a touch of romance, this is the book for you!


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