Celine (The Night Touched Chronicle) – Maegan Provan

Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I picked up a vampire book. Twilight had it’s good points, but how many copy-cats does a person want to read? Thank goodness, Celine is NOT just another Twilight clone. The vampires hearken back to the old days, when they were still creatures of the night who unapologetic-ally drank blood and kicked butt – when they need to.


Harper is a Night Touch, a special breed of vampire, and she’s the only one – or so she thought. When she starts to have visions of a second Night Touched named Celine, she immediately wants to find her, but here’s only one problem: Celine has been taken prisoner by the Slayers, a group of humans whose sole purpose is to wipe vampires from the face of the Earth.


They can’t just go rushing in. Though vampires may be immortal, they can die, and if there are enough slayers lurking in the secret facility, there’s a chance that Harper and her friends just might end up on the wrong side of a stake. But Celine needs to be rescued, and that means that they need to gather information and track down the secret base. If only Harper’s new obsession with the hot human male Silas wasn’t complicating things… Little does Harper know how complicated things are about to get! War is brewing and when it finally comes it will change their lives forever.


This was a fast paced read with plenty of romance and a climatic fight scene. I’m looking forward to the next installment and seeing how both Harper and Silas and the war progress.


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