The World Behind the World – Elizabeth Foshee

This book starts with a bang and keeps going. The World Behind the World opens with a blood bath as Dani stands by helplessly watching her neighbors being butchered by a maniac. She tries to help, but when it seems death is upon her she uses her power to disappear.




Dani has the unique ability to slip into what she calls the world between the worlds, another dimension that coincides with ours but is invisible to us – that is all of us except the maniac who is somehow still able to detect her. Could this mad man be after her? Why? With the help of her friends, will Dani be able to defeat the monster?


This was a fast paced, enjoyable read that left me wanting more. Told in a back and forth between “now” and the events leading up to “now”, the reader is given a clear picture of everything that is going on. There is a lot of gore, and a nice romance, as well as the creative concept of slipping between the worlds. I hope to see Ms. Foshee do more with this universe, including expanding on the Council.


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