Spellbound – Tricia Drammeh

The lives of Rachel and Alisa, one of the popular girls and the school outcast, will never be the same once new boy Jace moves into town. Though both girls are instantly attracted to him, it’s Alisa, the loner, who gets taken home to his family – not as a date, but as the girl who helped him fight off hunters, monsters who devour magic.
Jace’s mother reveals that they are Spellbringers, a magical race descended from Faes, and they’re in town seeking an innocent; a Spellbringer who doesn’t know about their own heritage. Sadly for Alisa it isn’t her, but that doesn’t stop her from befriending – and falling for – Jace. even though his older brother certainly doesn’t approve.
Then, at the school dance, Jace finds the one they’re looking for, the innocent. It’s Rachel. Their hearts and minds touch and there is no question that they belong together. But how can they be happy when Rachel’s strict religious upbringing refused to let her accept herself and get magic? Or when they’re being together might hurt Alisa. And, if she’s so in love, why does Rachel keep dreaming about the mysterious and romantic Re’Vel?
I love, love, loved this book! Though I connected more to Alisa than Rachel, I thought both were well developed and realistic for their backgrounds and environments. The mythology and world building were awesome, and when it comes to the writing, not a word is wasted; no superfluous sentences to skip or page long descriptions. Well paced, it left me wanting more and I read the last 60% in one setting (instead of doing what I should have been doing) and I started the second book immediately. Yes, it’s that good!

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