Firebound – Tricia Drammeh

I love this series! It just keeps getting better!
The second installment starts with a bang – literally – when Re’Vel tries to kidnap Rachel. Though his plans are thwarted he takes something with him that will strengthen his connection to her, a connection she’s not willing to let go of yet. She allows him to communicate with her, even though the Alexanders have warned her against it. Concern for her brother, whose magic has been sealed away, and curiosity about a father she didn’t really know fuel her, but thanks to her religious upbringing she has still not accepted herself or her magic. Nor has she told her mother the truth, which makes it hard for her protector, Mikael, to protect her.
Now that Bryce has spoken the claiming words to Alisa, pledging his soul to hers, nothing can tear them apart – except his sudden, unreasonable possessive jealousy. As a human, Alisa doesn’t understand doesn’t understand the intense magic of the claiming words of the desperate need to complete the bond. Will she come to terms with it before it is too late and Bryce is lost to darkness?
As I said, I love this series! As with the first, the writing is fantastic, the pacing is great, and the world building keeps getting better as we learn more about the Spellbringers world. Oh, and Bryce is hot. Rachel’s relationship with Re’Vel leaves me torn. I want to hate him, but like her I find myself falling under his spell again and again, so I can’t blame her. If I were her I’d have probably already run off with him and been in a lot more trouble!

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