Unbound – Tricia Drammeh

The third book in the Spellbringer series sees graduation looming. Alisa has her life figured out – finish high school, marry Bryce, and live happily ever after. Then she is attacked by hunters. As a human, there’s no reason that the magic devouring creatures would be after her unless…she’s pregnant. feeling like a statistic, Alisa has to find a way to tell her parents and overcome the societal norms she’s been raised with to step into the Spellbringer’s world – a place where she and Bryce are already considered man and wife.
meanwhile, all the lies and procrastinated decisions come to a head for Rachel. It’s time she choose between the boy who was her first love – a boy who feels betrayed by her continued association with the demon Re’Vel – and the her smexy protector who is willing to accept her, baggage and all. The choice will have explosive consequences that will force her to finally accept who – and what – she is.
Okay. I LOVE this series. I often want to slap Rachel upside the head, but her reactions are realistic for a child brought up under the thumb of an overbearing parent, and as for Re’Vel, I don’t know if I could have told him no. (I’d probably be living on the beach with him already and under mind control! ha!) I enjoyed getting to see more of Rachel’s cousin Mordecai, and of course I love Bryce and Alisa.
Tricia’s writing is as amazing as ever, and just as with the other books I couldn’t turn the electronic pages fast enough. I can;t wait for book 4

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