Let’s Do Lunch by KA Jordan

(I actually read and reviewed this some time ago on another blog, but since I am de-cluttering, I wanted to move it here.)

9/11 effected Lindsey’s family in many ways and now her restaurant is what keeps the family going; her father grows the produce and even her scatter brained sister helps out now and then – though she usually does more harm than good. Even so, things are going good until her long time cook has to quit to keep an eye on her grandsons.

Lindsey hires Brandon, a good looking, charming, fun guy. But there’s something about him just crawling beneath the surface. When Lindsey’s mother gets hurt, Lindsey has to leave the restaurant in his hands while she helps her recuperate.A new waitress, lost invoices, and mixed up orders are just the beginning of too many problems.

Enter Tag, an ex soldier that her father hires to help around the garden. With more than his share of old wounds,  Lindsey doesn’t want to trust him. Still, she finds herself getting closer to him – maybe too close. Can he really help her with not only the disaster her restaurant is becoming, but also with the shambles her heart is in? Or is it all doomed to catastrophic failure?

This was a well written book that kept me turning the pages. Without giving away too many spoilers, I found the portrayal of most of the characters delightfully realistic – even the “bad guy” was still likable at the same time that he wasn’t, just like real people. Also, I’m not usually a fan of the ex-soldier romances, but I have to say that I found Tag incredibly sexy and I’d go for him

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