Shades of Plaid by Jonathan Harvey

(I actually read and reviewed this some time ago on another blog, but since I am de-cluttering, I wanted to move it here.)

I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for awhile, so I was happy to finally get it!

Shades of Plaid is a weekly devotional but, as the title implies, this is not your average devotional. Instead of the usually serious, inspiring, tear inducing stories, Shades of Plaid has fifty-two humorous short stories, followed up by serious, inspiring lessons that can be applied to most any Christian faith, whether you’re Episcopalian, Baptist, or a denomination in between.

In Shades of Plaid, Jonathan Harvey has shown that being a Christian not only can be fun, but is fun! And even if you’re not interested in the devotional aspect, the short stories are funny by themselves. In fact, you don’t even have to take a whole year to read it. I devoured it in two days, despite the fact that I had already done extensive editing on it before. It just shows it was good enough to read more than once!

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