Emily Dahill CID Part One by Lindsay Downs

(I actually read and reviewed this some time ago on another blog, but since I am de-cluttering, I wanted to move it here.)

A collection of four stories, Emily Dahill CID, Part One, starts off heavy and ends with a big laugh. The first tale, Final Mission, recounts Emily’s near fatal copter crash in Iraq. She heals, but can’t seem to shake her new fear of helicopters. Even the sound of one flying overhead is enough to fill her with panic – until she meets her new partner. Dakota follows her into story two, A Body in the Snow, where he helps her to capture “the bad guy”. With a partner like that, bunny slippers are just fine for making the arrest.  In the third story, Right Place, Wrong Day, Dakota and Emily are both in for a little surprise when they agree to meet her friends for a camping trip, and the laughs continue in story four, Dog on Fishing where Dakota shows Emily and her friends the real way to fish. Told partially through Dakota’s eyes, it’s really a dog’s eye view!

Emily and Dakota have a special bond, and Lindsay shows this very well, not only with Emily’s thoughts, but also in their actions and reactions with and to one another. You get a sense of a very close and unique friendship that leaves both parties the richer for it. Her descriptions are rich, but not too wordy, so that you get a real feel for the scenes; from the sound of the bullets crashing around Emily and her team, to the cool lapping of the river.

If I had to pick a favorite line it would be“You know Special Agent Emily Dahill, I’ve been detained by all sorts of police, military and civilian, but I swear this is the first time by someone wearing bright pink, floppy eared, bunny slippers.”  That picture was just too much for me! Hee-hee!

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