Slightly Off the Mark by Mark R. Hunter

Slightly Off the Mark is a collection of unpublished humor columns written by Mark Hunter for the newspaper – that is until he was labeled ‘redundant’. However, these columns are anything BUT redundant. With a variety of topics from writing to household injuries, to storm chasing, higher learning, and the mystery of Ohio’s predilection for flight, there is something for everyone within the pages of this collection, and a chuckle on every page. Mark’s wit, humor, and ability to make the mundane (and even the horrific – a prostate exam!) hilarious makes you eager to turn the digital pages. You can sit down and enjoy this gem in an afternoon (as some reviewers have done), or enjoy an article or two a day (like I did.) No matter your preference, you’re bound to find giggles, guffaws, and laughs galore. Here’s hoping there’s a Slightly Off the Mark 2!

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