Crusade Across Worlds by CG Coppola

It’s another awesome entry in the Arizal series! As the book description says, Fallon finishes her training and joins the usual crew – including the super hot Reid – on an adventure that sees them moving seamlessly from world to world. Fallon has grown as a character, not just personal growth, but physical growth as […]

My Lord Hades by Stephannie Beman

(I actually read and reviewed this some time ago on another blog, but since I am de-cluttering, I wanted to move it here.) Hades and Persephone have always been my favorite of the Greek myths, so I wasn’t sure whether I would love this book or hate it. I loved it. When the book opens, […]

Unbound – Tricia Drammeh

The third book in the Spellbringer series sees graduation looming. Alisa has her life figured out – finish high school, marry Bryce, and live happily ever after. Then she is attacked by hunters. As a human, there’s no reason that the magic devouring creatures would be after her unless…she’s pregnant. feeling like a statistic, Alisa […]

The World Behind the World – Elizabeth Foshee

This book starts with a bang and keeps going. The World Behind the World opens with a blood bath as Dani stands by helplessly watching her neighbors being butchered by a maniac. She tries to help, but when it seems death is upon her she uses her power to disappear.   Literally.   Dani has […]