My Lord Hades by Stephannie Beman

(I actually read and reviewed this some time ago on another blog, but since I am de-cluttering, I wanted to move it here.) Hades and Persephone have always been my favorite of the Greek myths, so I wasn’t sure whether I would love this book or hate it. I loved it. When the book opens, […]

Jeremy (The Night Touched Chronicle) – Maegan Provan

The second in the Night Touched series bounces back and forth between the Night Touched Harper – a vampire who was turned by the Firs Born, Jeremy – the newest Night Touched, and Silas – a slayer sworn to destroy them both. After Silas and Harper’s disastrous relationship in New York, they are both determined […]

Celine (The Night Touched Chronicle) – Maegan Provan

Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I picked up a vampire book. Twilight had it’s good points, but how many copy-cats does a person want to read? Thank goodness, Celine is NOT just another Twilight clone. The vampires hearken back to the old days, when they were still creatures of the night who unapologetic-ally drank blood […]

The Cartel – The Apprentice Volume 1 by E G Manetti

Thanks to her traitorous father, Lillian and her family have been shamed. Though society expects her to drink the final draught and commit suicide to restore her family’s honor, she chooses to endure trial by ordeal – which includes her being apprenticed to a “family” in the Cartel. But being an apprentice isn’t just about […]