Crusade Across Worlds by CG Coppola

It’s another awesome entry in the Arizal series! As the book description says, Fallon finishes her training and joins the usual crew – including the super hot Reid – on an adventure that sees them moving seamlessly from world to world. Fallon has grown as a character, not just personal growth, but physical growth as […]

The Medallion Chronicles: Small Beginnings by C.A. Jarest

This was a Kindle freebie. I haven’t read the accompanying series, but after reading this short I am going to add them to my TBR list. The intro explains that this short story covers the events of book one, from the point of view of a dragon eggling whose mother has come to “speak” with […]

Lokai’s Curse by J. Lee Coulter

I’m usually really good about reading series in order, only I got my wires crossed this time and read this book – the sequel to Blessing the Highlander – first. Luckily, Ms. Coulter has written it in such a way that you can actually read this book and enjoy it without reading the first one […]