Penelope and the Ghost’s Treasure by Ron D. Voigts

This book picks up where the last Penelope book left off. She’s on her way to start boarding school – and more than a little miserable about the prospect. And no wonder, on the first day of school she earns the nickname “teacher Killer”. things can only get worse from there. With a new batch […]

Penelope and the Birthday Curse by Ron D. Voigts

Penelope lives with her eccentric parents in a lonely house in the country. For her 13th birthday her parents invite an assortment of interesting guests, but little do they know that murder is on the party games list! The bodies keep piling up, and though Penelope’s parents tell her to stay out of it, she […]

Penelope and the Christmas Spirit by Ron D. Voigts

This short story is actually a bit of a prequel to the first Penelope book (Penelope and the Birthday Curse), and a fun one at that. Penelope’s eccentric family decides to celebrate Christmas with their own unique twists. No store bough Christmas tree or decorations for them! But, even as Penelope is enjoying her first […]